1.4.2 Release Note


High Frame Rate Video

In this version, audio and video synchronization is optimized. Now it's able to play high resolution and high frame rate videos even use software decoding. I tested a 4k 120fps h264 video on windows, ubuntu and OSX, no player can play it with software decoders. Video will be too slow a few seconds later. On windows, players such as PotPlayer, MPC with DXVA or CUDA decoder also can not play it. Only mpv with VA-API or VDA decoder can play it correctly.

With QtAV, you can play those videos better than ever before. The result is better on linux than windows in my tests. A Haswell i7-4700MQ cpu can play a 4k+120fps video at about 50fps without lossing user experience. It seems impossible for other players. If VA-API is used, 4k+120fps is not a problem. Other HW decoders in QtAV are not efficient enough now. They will be improved in the future.

Test video: 4k 120fps h264 10bit, 4k 120fps h264


There is no binary package now because it crashes for some video files. The official ffmpeg does not support hevc dxva2 yet. You can try Nevcairiel's (LAVFilters author) ffmpeg repo git://git.1f0.de/ffmpeg.git, and replace with his avcodec.

About Released Binary Packages