1.5.0 Release Note


QtAVWidgets Module

All classes depedns on QtWidgets module are moved to QtAVWidgets module. Thus your QtWidgets is not required for your QtQuick app. For C++ developers, code changes a little

#include <QtAV>
#include <QtAVWidgets>

Real Time Preview

It was already used in QML module (and QMLPlayer) in previous release. Now it is also included in QtAVWidgets module and player example.

VideoPreviewWidget *preview = new VideoPreviewWidget();
preview->resize(160, 90);
// slot of slider value changed


QML Video

QML VideoOutput item crashes a lot since OpenGL rendering was enabled in previous releases. Now most crashes are fixed, but 1 crash still exists(VideoFrame assignment). As a workaround, I add a new QML item VideoOutput2, which is QuickFBORenderer in C++. New renderer use the same OpenGL code path as renderers in QtAV and QtAVWidgets. It's easier to maintain. It works fine. One limitation I know is that it's parent items can not set layer.enabled: true. Otherwise VideoOutput2 will not update correctly. I don't know what is the solution. Tell me if you know.

To use VideoOutput2 and Video item you have to import QtAV 1.5.

Deploy QtAV SDK on OSX

Download the latest OSX player dmg, install player.app to /Applications. Run

  /Applications/player.app/sdk_osx.sh ~/Qt5.4.0/5.4/clang_64/lib

Assume your Qt5.4 is installed in ~/Qt5.4.0.

Now you can test your first QtAV app. Change QtAV/examples/simpleplayer/simpleplayer.pro content to

CONFIG -= app_bundle
QT += avwidgets av
HEADERS = playerwindow.h
SOURCES = playerwindow.cpp main.cpp

Open simpleplayer.pro in QtCreator, build and run.

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