1.6.0 Release Note


The Most Efficient VDA Decoder

Now QtAV is able to use VDA decoder without data readback (zero copy). So the performance is better. It is already used by other players, such as mpv, xbmc. But QtAV does better than them. All other players use UYVY format as Apple tell us. I tried NV12 and find we can get better performance than UYVY. I told mpv developers about this and they have confirmed. Now QtAV use NV12 as default format for VDA decoder.

Deploy SDK on Windows and Linux

Now you can install QtAV sdk without building QtAV yourself. Just download the installer, and run sdk_deploy.sh or sdk_deploy.bat. But you have to use the same Qt version as QtAV used.

Raw Streams

see https://github.com/wang-bin/QtAV/wiki/Play-Raw-Video-Streams


About Released Binary Packages